Welcome to Touchstone District Services!

We are a provider of communication services and community support to special purpose districts. By engaging Touchstone, your District is making a commitment to active, transparent, and accurate communication with the residents and commercial properties within your community. By taking this step, Touchstone will help you cultivate communication methods and tools to elevate your District’s message and reach to your residents.

We are experienced in district communications. We are more than a standard commercial promotions company, public website vendor, or single service company. We believe we have the strongest ability and the right skills to help your District modernize your communication strategy.

Are you looking for a particular service for your District? Select from the options below! If you aren’t sure what your District needs, click on our Services page from the site menu or from the link below.

Why Touchstone?

  • Customizable Solutions
  • Adaptive Services
  • Experienced Team Members
  • Efficient and Quality Service
  • Value on Customer Care
  • Creative and Innovative Ideas
  • District Needs Focused
  • Strong Industry Reputation
  • Certified Public Information Officers on Staff
  • Corporate Professionalism built on Family Values

Remember: If you're not telling your story,
someone else is.

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